Oil & Gas

Activities & Services provided are:



  • Electromechanical Engineering (Design & Development)
  • Supply of Electromechanical Equipment
  • Installation & Construction of industrial unit / equipment
  • Commissioning & Testing
  • Upgrade & Maintenance of electromechanical units/ systems
  • After Sales Services



  • Rehabilitation job water treatment plant.
  • Huge foundations for Fuel Storage Tanks& Crude Oil Storage Tanks.
  • Heavy duty machine & Pumps foundations.
  • Rehabilitation of steam boilers, heat exchanger and valves.
  • Pipe line & storage tanks welding.

 Control System & Instrumentation


  • Installation & Calibration Field Instruments & Control valves.
  • Installation & Configuration Control System (PLC ,SCADA & DCS System).
  • Pneumatic tubes fabrication & Signal Cables & Installation.
  • Repair & Maintenance fields Instruments, Valves & control system  .



  • Design Low & Medium voltage switch gear.   
  • Installation & Configuration Protection Relays.
  • Cabling, cable Tray, cable ladder fabrication & installation.

Health & Safety and Environment

Our Company recognizes and accepts its responsibilities as an employer for providing a safe and secure workplace for all of its employees. It will take all reasonably practical steps to meet the responsibilities, paying particular attention to the provision and maintenance of:


  • Plant equipment and systems of work to provide safe working environment
  • Safety arrangements for the use, handling, storage and transportation of substances
  • Sufficient information, instruction, and training to enable all employees to avoid hazards and contribute positively to their own safety of work.
  • Asafe place of work and safe access to it.
  • A healthy working environment.
  • A secure site for site offices, stores, equipment utilities and all property belonging to the Client and / or the Contractor


As a construction contractor, our company strives to obtain a uniform, high quality level of workmanship

throughout all phases of procurement, fabrication, construction, and installation of equipment and facilities.

To assure this end, the following principles will be observed:

  • For the purposes of this Quality Control (QC) Plan, quality is defined as conformance to contractual

requirements, specifications, and applicable standards, with a minimum standard of the best local

commercial practices.

  • Quality, or conformance to requirements, is the primary responsibility of construction management

and the persons doing the work. The QC persons are an added resource to help construction management and the persons doing the work in meeting this primary responsibility.

  • The Quality Control Manager will assure the highest quality by maintaining this QC Plan and follow

its instructions governing quality control procedures and practices.

  • The Quality Control Manager will conform to all contractual requirement4

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